UPCOMING 2017 / 2018


18 November 2017 4 – 6 pm

On Uncertainty – Hubertus von Amelunxen* and Tom Fecht in conversation

* Walter Benjamin Chair, Professor of Philosophy of Photography and Cultural Studies. President of The European Graduate School, Saas-Fee/Switzerland and Valletta/Malta.

Museum DKM Duisburg in collaboration with SETAREH GALLERY Düsseldorf
Güntherstr. 13-15, 47051 Duisburg, Germany
Hubertus von Amelunxen on Wikipedia



Eclipse # 8078, 2016. Unique silver gelatin print/UltraSec framed 185 x 300 cm

Unique Vintage Prints by Tom Fecht
16 February – 17 March 2018

Königsallee 27 – 31, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany


DeepTime / TiefenZeit

DeepTime / TiefenZeit

Time, 2016. Triptych 190 x 1200 cm / Unique c-prints 185 x 295 cm each (Eclipse #8088, #8089, #8090)

DeepTime / TiefenZeit – Tom Fecht
5 May – 3 December 2017
(Solo Exhibition)

Museum DKM
Güntherstraße 13 – 15, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

The DKM Foundation acquired five large format works by Tom Fecht.
They will be on permanent display in 2018 as part of DKM’s contemporary museum collection.


Museum Blog Ruhrpott – 05.2017

Das Museum DKM in Duisburg zeigt in der Ausstellung „TiefenZeit. TOM FECHT“ beeindruckende Fotografien des Künstlers, die über das sonst sichtbare Maß des menschlichen Sehens hinaus gehen.
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WDR – 05.05.2017

Fotografien von Tom Fecht im Museum DKM, Duisburg
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WAZ – 10.05.2017

Tom Fecht – der Fotograf der tiefen Dunkelheit
Er geht mit seinen Kameras an den Rand der Zivilisation und macht Unsichbares sichtbar. Das Museum DKM zeigt die Ausstellung „TiefenZeit“.
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Unique Vintage Prints by Tom Fecht
7 April – 26 Mai 2017

Hohe Strasse 53, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany



2017 European Conference – Color Marketing Group
Valencia, Spain May 17-19

Expanded Lecture by Rozbeh Asmani and Tom Fecht

The expanded lecture investigates properties of color invisible to the naked human eye.
Black will be the point of departure to explore the invisible aspects of color embracing an unexpected fan of artistic and scientific points of view.

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Expanded Lecture by Rozbeh Asmani and Tom Fecht

The expanded lecture investigates properties of color invisible to the naked human eye. The relationship of color control and power will be Rozbeh Asmani’s point of departure to explore the invisible aspects of color embracing an unexpected fan of artistic strategies interacting with economic, social and scientific points of view. But the invisible aspects of color will be simultaneously explored in very opposite directions. The lecturer’s discourse will expand into an unexpected dialogue without warning: From the monochrome depth and diversity of natures burning blackness towards the cool aesthetics of industrial color monopoly and corporate brand communication.

Black as a color includes a vast spectrum of contemporary shades combined with a high charge of cultural codes and transformative meanings. As a non-color black seems to share it’s profound magic with the unknown while giving a household name to astronomy’s black matters. There seems to be no accident, that the most recent scientific proof of existence for Dark Matter reanimated phantasies around the globe. This will be the context introducing DARK MATTERs by German photo-artist Tom Fecht. The umbrella term covers a recent body of marine night photography that investigates notions of color, time and space while reminding us that over 95% on the universe remains unknown Dark Matter. These minimalist works cross the line between the physical world and the invisible, magic part of our universe while pushing photography to the edge of quantum physics. Expanding the color-limits of the night became the artist’s photographic signature; exploring light beyond the visible spectrum created his photographic brand.

COLORMARKS by Iranian artist Rozbeh Asmani is the outcome of an on-going research into the field of color trademarks registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office. The silk screens and digital C-Prints explore a specific range of colors protected by trademark law in their respective fields of usage: The yellow- green color design of gas stations owned by an oil multinational as well as the brown van and overall of a global courier or the dark-blue round of a skin crème box. One glance is often enough to remind us not only of the very trademark, but also of our daily encounter with these products and services. Asmani’s work visualizes the impact of color monopoly on our collective memory when used exclusively by corporations as part of their brand identities. Confronted with the question what these colors stand for our attention is drawn towards industrial complexity linking color, power and memory.

The research of both artists spotlight the transformation of contemporary color skills in art and photography and stimulate an innovative perspective on color-mapping and invisible color ownership. But the usage of color and non-color in contemporary artistic practice is also part of a much larger global discourse raising profound questions, if any substantial difference between culture and nature can be further maintained.


The presentation is primarily based on a visual dialog co-delivered by Mr. Fecht and Mr. Asmani.

TEFAF Maastricht 2017

Electric Cinema, 2017. Silver gelatin print/UltraSec 100 x 300 cm

ELECTRIC CINEMA – New vintage prints by Tom Fecht
10 – 19 March 2017

Laffanour Galerie DOWNTOWN Paris (Stand 605)


Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Magic Moments, exhibition views

2 May – 1 September 2016

Château Palmer, 33460 Margaux, France

Curated by Galerie Anne-Laure Jalouneix

Prouvé – Takis

Prouvé – Takis

Tom Fecht: Portrait Vassilakis Takis, Athens 2012.
Chromogenic color print, UltraSec 50 x 130 cm.

Collection François Laffanour
21 April – 23 July 2016

La Patinoire Royale, Rue Veydt 15 – 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Laffanour Galerie DOWNTOWN Paris

Tefaf Maastricht 2016

Tefaf Maastricht 2016

TEFAF 2016, exhibition view
TEFAF 2016, exhibition view
TEFAF 2014, exhibition view
TEFAF 2014, exhibition view
Porträt Gisèle Freund, 1999. Chromogenic color print, UltraSec 120 x 147 cm

ECLIPSE – unique vintage prints by Tom Fecht
10 – 19 Mars 2016

Laffanour Galerie DOWNTOWN Paris (Stand 605)


New museum acquisition – September 2017

New museum acquisition – September 2017

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège, Belgium recently acquired
Finis Terrae, (Into the Open), 1997 for its new exhibition site La Boverie
as part of their contemporary collection.

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège
En Féronstrée 86
4000 Liège

Other museum collections with works by Tom Fecht include:

Neue National Galerie / Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin (SMPK), Germany
Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bonn, Germany
MuCEM – Museé National des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée Marseille, France
Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany
Museum DKM, Duisburg, Germany
Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum Hagen, Germany
Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bonn, Germany
Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren, Germany

HAIKU, 2017. Camera Botanica Video / 60''


Installation view of Eclipse #8090, 2013 and The Wave by Gustave Courbet, 1870
(Retour de Mer, Musée des Beaux Arts – LAAC, Dunkerque, France 2014)

Re-evaluating my work, I have decided to avoid the comfort of repetition. As of 2012 every new photograph is limited to one print so that each image remains as unique as the moment it captures. In addition I will retain one artist proof (AP/EA) for my own reference and/or exhibitions. Editions prior to 2012 will be either sold through or discontinued.




“The potent simplicity of FixingNature becomes as challenging as its evolutionary matrix and spatial complexity. Nature as we see it, is a product of culture: as a matter of fact, nature, understood as a projection of human imagination, can be creatively manipulated and re-arranged. After all is it not a given, that any difference between nature and culture can no longer be maintained? Nature and culture seem to be the two extremities of an infinite Möbius loop where both sides are bound to become the very other …”

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Eclipse – 25 unique vintage prints

Eclipse – 25 unique vintage prints

Eclise, cover.


25 unique vintage prints

With an essay by Hans Irrek and published by Laffanour Galerie DOWNTOWN, Paris 2015. Hardcover 80 pages 26.5 x 36 cm ISBN 978-2-9520349-4-4 (available at the gallery)

About the author: Hans Irrek is a German essayist and curator; he studied art history, aesthetics and philosophy. His publications on photography and art and design classics include essays on Andreas Gursky, Axel Hütte, Mikael Olsson, Isamu Noguchi, and Oscar Niemeyer. He is a member of the advisory board of the Photo Book Museum, Germany

Intellectual Toolbox

Intellectual Toolbox

Flusserania – An Intellectual Toolbox

Tom Fecht: Mirror and Transformation

Contributing to: Flusserania – An Intellectual Toolbox
Edited by Siegfried Zielinski and Peter Weibel
ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe and Univocal Publishing
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis 2015
ISBN 9-781937-561529 (English-German-Portuguese edition)

Refocusing the Euclidian Horizon

Refocusing the Euclidian Horizon

The Cornell Journal of Architecture #9: Mathematics, Ithaca, New York 2014 pp. 4 – 16

Tom Fecht: Refocusing the Euclidian Horizon (including illustrations from the night series Electric Cinema) in: The Cornell Journal of Architecture #9: Mathematics, Ithaca, New York 2014 pp. 4 – 16. ISBN 978-0-9785061-2-4

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